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On Your Special Day

Wine has been an integral part of celebrations for thousands of years. Let The Bottled Grape help make your wedding day special with the addition of wines chosen especially for you and y our guests.

On The Day you need as few challenges as possible. Keep things simple and keep choices to a minimum. The wine you’re serving should be the least of your worries. Choosing the kind of wine, how much you will need, customizing your labels, bottles and guaranteed quality are all part of our service. Making fine wine for your wedding can be fun, easy, personal and save you money. Please come visit us or contact us today and we’ll be happy to get you started making a lifetime of memories.

  • Bronze Package

    30 - 750mL bottles
    $145 / kit
    $135 / 2+ kits
    60 - 375 mL bottles
    $175 / kit
    $164 / 2+ kits

    Choose any red, white, or blush wine from our Fontana Premium Collection and/or any fruit wine from our Summer Breeze or Fontana Fruit Wine Collections. 4 week wine kits made from the finest grape concentrates around the world.

  • Silver Package

    30 - 750mL bottles
    $165 / kit
    $155 / 2+ kits
    60 - 375mL bottles
    $195 / kit
    $185 / 2+ kits

    Choose your wine from our Vinifera and/or Fontana Complete Collections. 4-6 week wine kits presenting a perfect balance between both fresh grape juice and concentrate. Unparalleled body, bouquet and color the gets better with aging.

  • Gold Package

    30 - 750mL bottles
    $185 / kit
    $175 / 2+ kits
    60 - 375mL bottles
    $215 / kit
    $205 / 2+ kits

    Choose your wines from our Fontana International or Mosti Mondiale All Juice Collections. 4-6 week wine kits that are best put on 6 months ahead of your big day. Your patience will be instantly rewarded with the taste of wine from around the world.

Wedding Packages

Let The Bottled Grape take care of all your wine needs on this special day. Customized wine, personalized labels, guaranteed quality.

What Kind of Wine?

The favourite red wines for weddings are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or a Merlot/Cabernet blend. Merlot is the most popular choice as it is soft and easy going which pleases almost everyone.

The favourite white wine throughout the years has been Chardonnay, though Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) has become a very close second.

Fruit wines are becoming a more popular choice at weddings. A chilled Peach Chardonnay and/or Wildberry White Zinfandel will delight your guests. We still recommend the white and red wine choices as your primary serving.

How Much Wine?

A good rule of thumb is about 500mL per guest – Knowing your guests will help in the amount you should order – Some guests will consume no wine while others will consume more. It’s always better to have some leftover than not enough.

Each batch makes about 23L (30 x 750mL bottles), enough for 46 guests using the rule of thumb above:

1 to 45 Guests
1 Batch
46 to 90 Guests
2 Batch
91 to 135 Guests
3 Batch
136 to 180 Guests
4 Batch
181 to 225 Guests
5 Batch

White wine goes best with white meat (chicken, pork, fish) and red wine goes better with red meat (beef, steak). If your batch total is an odd number you may wish to equate white and red batches with the type of meat served.

When to Start

Start your wine as soon as possible! All wines improve with some aging.

  • 4-week wine kits are very good wines, at a great price. Best for weddings 1-5 months away.
  • 6-week wine kits are definitely the higher quality wines but do need more time to age. Best for weddings 5-18 months away.

Wedding Labels

Our wedding packages come with personalized wedding labels. We’ll help you choose a style of label and then most couples put their names on the label, the wedding date and a special phrase (see samples below). Some couples will put a special picture on the label but this takes more time to coordinate and sometimes does not print out clearly on certain labels.

Sample Phrases

Today I will marry my best friend

Thank you for joining us on our special day

When two hearts become one

With this ring I thee wed

Thanks for being here at the start of our new life together

Love fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity

To have and hold from this day forward

Special Occasion Permit (S.O.P.)

Ontario law allows family members hosting a wedding to make and serve their own wine at the event. You are not permitted to charge for the wine.

If the event is at a private place (not a rented location) or residence then no S.O.P. is required.

An event at any other venue will require a “No Sale S.O.P.” which costs $25. Apply 30 days ahead for an outdoor event, or 10 days in advance for indoor events.

Visit for more information and downloadable application form.

Important Note: Will your venue allow homemade wine to be served? Some venues are more than willing to do whatever you wish and may even obtain your S.O.P. for you. Some halls will not allow you to bring in wine, some do not allow their staff to serve your wine, and others may charge a corkage fee per bottle opened.

ALL wedding packages include your choice of wine style, personalized labels, shrink caps, corks, bottles, taxes and use of equipment.

Let us prepare a quote for the cost of your wine today!